5 Ways to Fix Roku TV Won’t Connect to WiFi

Why is Roku Not Connecting to WiFi?

Are you having trouble connecting Roku to the wifi? Then do not worry as it is very easy to fix Roku not connecting to wifi problem.

Most of the time, if the Roku is unable to connect to the wi-fi then the problem is not always with the device, but the issue can be in other devices as well as the router, modem, and others.

In this blog, we have discussed in detail the solutions that you can try to resolve the wi-fi connectivity problem with the Roku.

These are simple solutions and do not require much of your time, so make sure to follow these correctly.

How to Fix Roku Not Connecting to WiFi

If you are having trouble connecting the Roku with the wi-fi then you can follow the solutions mentioned here to fix the problem.

1. Check the Speed of the Internet: If the Roku is receiving poor signals or is unstable then the device will keep disconnecting to the internet. You can check the signal strength as well.

  • Open the Settings menu and then open the Network to check the connection.

Now, the device will check the quality of the signal and the speed so that you know if Roku not connecting to wifi is because of poor signal.

But if the signal strength seems to be alright, then you can unplug the router and then plugin to fix the issue.

2. Restart the Roku: Often restarting the device can help in fixing the problem. To restart the Roku you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Roku Won't Connect to WiFi
Roku Won’t Connect to WiFi
  • Open the Settings menu and then click on the System Restart option.
  • Now restart the Roku.

3. Use an Ethernet Cable to Connect the Roku: You cannot connect the Roku streaming stick using an ethernet cable.

But you can connect the Roku player using an ethernet cable to create a secure connection.

4. Check the Roku Network Connection: You can check the network connection and see if the network connection is working or not.

  • Once the device is turned on, open the Home Page. From the menu choose the Settings option. 
  • Select the Network option. 
  • From the menu select ‘Check Connection’. 

The smart tv will run a test to check the network connection is working properly or not. The Network test is important as it lets you know whether there is a problem with the wi-fi network.

5. Reset the Roku Network Connection: If the Roku not connecting to wifi yet then you can try resetting the network to fix the problem.

  • Choose the ‘wireless’ option to reset the network.
  • Select the wi-fi network name and enter the password.
  • You will be redirected to the Network settings menu. 
  • Select About to check whether the Roku connection reset is complete. Here you can check the signal strength, network connection, and other information.

In this blog, we have discussed in detail the solutions that can help you with Roku not connecting to wifi. 

However, if the problem is unresolved and you need help then make sure to get in touch with the technical support team for more information and help. 

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